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At Hilti we have created an environment in which anyone who wants to continuously learn, challenge and be challenged, thrives. Here you can have an incredibly varied career, where you can create your own opportunity, where we set no limits to what you can achieve.


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Engineering and Product Development
Structural Engineering & Mechanics, Civil Engineering
I love how creative the job can be. It’s all about coming up with solutions, whatever we can do to make the customer’s life easier. It’s a very can-do approach.

Career history at Hilti

Senior Engineer - Firestop
Manchester, UK
Senior Support Engineer - Firestop
Manchester, UK
Support Engineer
Manchester, UK
Design Engineer
Manchester, UK

Profile summary

I joined Hilti as a graduate and from the start, I got lots of help and guidance. The first few weeks were spent learning about the company and its products including training with the business and ensuring I was introduced to many people. It’s a very supportive environment and I found that you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you want. The whole team works together to make you feel at home. All of this ensured that I settled into the role and quickly progressed to a support engineer role.

Currently my role is within the Engineering Competence Centre as a senior engineer for firestop. There’s a great mix of people from entry level to people who have been here for 20 years or more You are always learning new things and sharing ideas, it just becomes part of your day-to-day. It’s exciting because Hilti are very open to new ideas, and they believe that great solutions can just as easily come from the new person as from the person with more experience. So, if your idea looks like it’ll help the customer, you get a green light and can go with it.

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Engineering and Product Development


Engineering and Product Development